Network Update "PBO_H2O"

The datasets of the US network "PBO_H2O" have been updated until 2017-12-16 and has been set inactive as of this date.

Data for this network was expanded from 2011 < near real time to 2006 < near real time. This network is based on in situ retrivals on the average of multiple GPS statellite tracks. New quality control methods on their raw data were applied: 

- negative VWC (volumetric water content) is not allowed

- VWC < 0.55 will not be allowed

- Only in situ data is stored when more than 5 satellites are present

- soil moisture data is removed when the vegetation water content < 2 kg/m/m

Stations okl1(data until 2016-05-02), p130 (data until 2016-06-11) and p775 (data until 2017-05-27) have been removed due to their unreliability.

Thank you so much Kristine Larson for sending us the data and explaining your quality control methods and for always replying so promptly to our questions.

Category: Network update