Participate in the International Soil Moisture Network

The International Soil Moisture Network is a community based effort which is made possible through the voluntary contributions of many organisations around the world. In order to further expand, we are continuously looking for additional networks to participate. 

Participating in the International Soil Moisture Network offers a chance to draw broad international attention upon your network and to be involved in cutting-edge research such as the validation of new satellite missions. 

Participating networks will be fully acknowledged by the International Soil Moisture Network and the end users.

Your data can be provided via a website, ftp-/http-server or sent via email to the ISMN. The files can be in different formats as long as sufficient documentation exists. The fastest and easiest way is to send us the data in our standard format which can be found here: UPLOAD-TEMPLATE.

A detailed description of how the template is structured can be found here: TEMPLATE-DESCRIPTION.

If you are interested to share your in situ soil moisture data with the scientific community through the International Soil Moisture Network, please contact Wouter Dorigo (wouter.dorigo (at) for more details.