Download Instructions

Viewing the data is possible without registration. To download any data you first need to login or register using the form on the left side of this page. In the following paragraphs the data download and viewing process are explained. To start the data download/viewing application press the "Data Access" button on the bottom left of this page.


Data Download
From the menu on the left side you can select:
  1. The network(s) from which you want to download data. Please note that networks are grouped under the respective continent;
  2. The time range from which you want to download data.
  3. The specific area from which you want to download data (not mandatory). If you want to select a particular region, you can either enter lat/lon coordinates or select the area on the map pressing SHIFT and dragging a rectangle.


When the selection process is finished press the "Download" button and select the data format in which you want to receive the data. By pressing the "Create File" Button a .zip file with your data is created and a link to it will be provided as soon as it is finished. (Notice: This can take a while depending on the amount of data selected)
Data Format
Two format types are available (click for further information):
  1. Variables stored in separate files (CEOP formatted)
  2. Variables stored in separate files (Header+values)
Data Viewing
Depending on the zoom level the networks or the stations are shown on the map. Clicking on a network will show you information about that particular network and a button (“zoom in to see stations”) to zoom to the stations of that network. Clicking on a station will show more information about it and a button (“View Data”) to view the data recorded by this station. When clicking the "View Data" button, the data available in the time range defined on the left-side menu will be loaded. You can then explore the data by selecting up to 3 variables from the selectors at the bottom of the data viewer. It's also possible to zoom into the data dragging the mouse over the area of interest. (Notice: If too much data is selected, the viewing can become slow and the browser may freeze depending on your system specifications. Try to use a modern web browser.)
Advanced Download
By clicking the "Advanced Download" button in the left-side menu, a new window/tab opens and you can enter custom SQL queries. The database structure is displayed at the right side of the screen and shows all the available tables and columns. The "Execute" button executes the query and returns a table with the results or an error. If the result is good the "Create File" button will generate a .zip file with your data.