ISMN quality flags

WE DO NOT ERASE DATA - WE FLAG  (paper link)

ISMN quality flags are tags stored in our database with each observation. When the ISMN utomated quality control detects a dubious soil moisture (or other variable) observation it is marked as "C01-C03" or "D01-D10", which signify different flagging methods. See below for example content of a data-file downloaded from ISMN. 




quality flag

origflag (Provider)

2017/04/19 00:00   0.2420 D03 M
2017/04/19 01:00   0.2450 D03 M
2017/04/19 02:00    0.4070 D03,D10 M
2017/04/19 03:00 0.4070 D03,D10 M
2017/04/19 04:00 0.4070 D03,D10 M
2017/04/19 05:00 0.4070 D03,D10 M
2017/04/19 06:00 0.3040 G M
Example of a data file downloaded through the ISMN.
Observations not detected as dubious are marked "G" (good) in the qflag column.