Country Chile
    Stations 3
    Organisation Laboratory for Analysis of the Biosphere - University of Chile
    Contact Cristian Mattar Bader
    Official References

    Mattar, C., Santamaría-Artigas, A., Durán-Alarcón, C., Olivera-Guerra, L and Fuster, R. 2014. LAB-net the First Chilean soil moisture network for Remote Sensing Applications. Procd. IV Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing Symposium (RAQRS). 22 - 25 September, Valencia, Spain.

    Variables measured air temperature
    soil moisture
    soil temperature
    Depths of soil moisture measurements 0.07 - 0.07 m
    0.10 - 0.10 m
    0.20 - 0.20 m
    Soil Moisture sensors used CS616
    Data availability from 2014-07-18 to 2017-11-21

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