Country Canada
Stations 23
Organisation Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Contact Anna Pacheco
Website http://aafc.fieldvision.ca/
Official References

Ojo, E. R., Bullock, P. R., L’Heureux, J., Powers, J., McNairn, H., & Pacheco, A. (2015). Calibration and evaluation of a frequency domain reflectometry sensor for real-time soil moisture monitoring. Vadose Zone Journal, 14(3). doi: 10.2136/vzj2014.08.0114

L’Heureux, J. (2011). 2011 Installation Report for AAFC‐ SAGES Soil Moisture Stations in Kenaston, SK. Agriculture

Canisius, F. (2011). Calibration of Casselman, Ontario Soil Moisture Monitoring Network, Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada, Ottawa, ON, 37pp

Variables measured soil moisture
soil temperature
air temperature
Depths of soil moisture measurements 0.00 - 0.05 m
0.05 - 0.05 m
0.20 - 0.20 m
0.50 - 0.50 m
1.00 - 1.00 m
1.50 - 1.50 m
Soil Moisture sensors used Hydraprobe II Sdi-12
Data availability from 2013-04-24 to 2017-02-09

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