The new station "Groset" of the Norwegian network NVE is now included within the ISMN. Data is available from August 2019 until 31 Dezember 2021.

We would like to thank Fred Wenger for providing the new data!

The two stations Kise and Kvarstadseter of the Norwegian network NVE have been updated until 31 Dezember 2021!

We would like to thank Fred Wenger for providing the datasets!

Information about static variables (e.g., land cover classification) are also included within downloaded data on a station level. Besides the Köppen-Geiger climate class version by Peel et al., 2007, we now also include climate class version from 2017 by Rubel et al.

As mentioned in November 2021, due to some extensive maintenance work, downloading the whole ISMN database can be faulity. 

We are close to releasing a bug fixed version but until further notice: we suggest to download the data in smaller chunks. 

Thank you! 

Data of the African network TAHMO has been updated until 7 July 2022!

The weather stations are funded through donations, therefore if you would like to contribute please find more information about donations and project under the link:

We would like to thank Nick van de Giesen and Frank Annor for providing the datasets and for their support!