The data of the Romanian network RSMN has been updated until 15.11.2019. Please note that the stations Ordea (15080), Satu Mare (15010), Slatina (15434), Rosiorii de Vede (15470), Alexandria (15489), Iasi (15090) and Calarasi (15460) still have issues with empty bateries.

We kindly thank Eduard Luca and Andrei Diamandi for providing us the data!

The Italian network "IMA_CAN1" has been added to the ISMN.

IMA_CAN1 is a soil moisture network located in the the Piedmont region, in the north-west of Italy, and hosted by the Institute for Agricultural and Earthmoving Machines (IMAMOTER) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). It is installed in three vineyard plots, with different inter-rows soil management. The plots are also monitored for runoff and soil erosion.

The network consists of 12 stations measuring soil moisture and soil temperature. Observations are available from August 2011 until December 2015.

We would like to thank Marcella Biddoccu and Giorgio Capello for providing the datasets and for their support during the implementation process.

We are very happy to announce that funding for the next 14 months was granted by ESA! 

The ISMN has been kindly supported for many years by different ESA programms (SMOS Earth Observation Program and lastly IDEAS+). ESA has kindly included us in the new Quality Assurance for Earth Observation (QA4EO) programm starting this November 2019 until end of December 2020. This will give us the means to add new networks and datasets, and maintain the functionality of the ISMN. Currently, we are exploring alternative long term funding possibilities to continue the operation of the ISMN after this date, but we have no commitment so far. We are still confident that we'll find an appropriate solution on time but if worst comes to worst we may have to reduce the services provided by the ISMN (e.g. the implementation of new networks and network updates) until further financing is ensured. Any suggestions from your side would be highly appreciated!

We greatly thank ESA, our data providers and of course our users for their support and interest.

Any suggestions or ideas from your side on how to keep the ISMN running after 2020 are always welcome and can be posted with a new entry in our Forum

The data of the Romanian network RSMN has been updated until 15.10.2019. Please note that at the stations Oradea (15080), Satu Mare (15010), Slatina (15434), Rosiorii de Vede (15470), Alexandria (15489), Iasi (15090) and Calarasi (15460) the soil moisture and soil temperature sensors have reached the end of their battery life. The responsible personnel has already been notified by Eduard Luca and hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly.

We kindly thank Eduard Luca and Andrei Diamandi for providing us the data.

Reoccuring setting changes for 44 stations of the US near -real time network "SNOTEL" starting already last year (2018). This stations are now integrated in the near real time update again since the setting changes seem to be stable.

Unfortunately, five of these stations are not providing soil moisture and soil temperature values anymore. For further information please have a look here: Forum SNOTEL .